• School Finance Tool Suite - Suite of tools including FACT (Financial Analysis Comparison Tool), Cash Flow Management Tool, Building Level Data, Budget Projection Tool, Salary Schedule Costing Tool, Single Salary Schedule Excel Tool, Communication Tools, and more.  Many of these tools come from questions and inquiries from subscribers as new school finance and data challenges develop. Beginning with the 2014-15 school year, the Advanced Mapping Tool became part of the School Finance Tool Suite, available to all districts with a Basic Subscription.  This tool provides an entirely new way for school districts to understand school finance and other data-driven issues they deal with on a daily basis. 

  • Comprehensive Financial Projection Model - ISFIS, in partnership with Piper Jaffary, created the 5-Year Comprehensive Finanical Projection Model. This model is free with the ISFIS basic subscription and is updated every year with new data. You can download the model and instructions for your district here!

  • Virtual Briefing Room - A regular Situation Report (SitRep) where ISFIS Partners and various guests provide webinar content on school finance, legislative issues, and other issues of the day affecting public education in Iowa.  Subscribers are also invited to attend special topic webinars, which are in-depth explorations of specific topics.  All webinars are recorded and free for later download for subscribers.  

  • Unlimited Phone and Email Support - Think everything from a quick fact check before a board meeting to walking a new superintendent or business manager through an aid and levy worksheet.  Includes opportunities for tutorials and online assistance. Questions from the field circle back to help ISFIS develop timely and relevant Webinar SitRep content. 

  • Free Virtual Presentations to School Boards - Whether a new group of board members requests specific training to understand basic Iowa school finance or would like a review of their budget in general, or an experienced board needs an explanation of federal funds or impact analysis of unspent authority, ISFIS experts are happy to present via Skype or through an online Webinar format at subscriber board meetings. 

  • Reduced Fee Onsite Consulting – ISFIS serves as an outside expert to help local communities understand the financial ramifications of mergers or sharing arrangements, passing a PPEL, ISL, revenue purpose statement or bond issue.  ISFIS can offer district personnel a hand explaining to school boards how other districts are addressing similar financial situations.  ISFIS can also assist with strategic planning to achieve a successful levy election, or talk directly to the board about how current legislative and federal actions impact the bottom line.  We have assembled an internal/external team with expertise in finance, advocacy, energy, health care, policy and communications, and other issues affecting school districts.

  • Legislative Tracking and Advocacy - With our partners' nearly 60 years of combined experience in public policy and education, ISFIS tracks legislation, helps schools analyze and measure financial and policy impact on local schools and communities, and provides school leaders with the tools they need to connect with legislators to make a difference. ISFIS also publishes an annual Legislative Digest summarizing all current Session actions impacting schools and advising school districts as new laws and requirements are implemented.

Contact Margaret Buckton for information about becoming a subscriber.