Pre-Employment Check Program

"ISFIS Background Check Service Program has provided us with guidance on compliance and best practice in pre-employment background screening.  ISFIS customer service is outstanding in that they immediately address concerns of not only DMPS administration, but any question brought forth by an employee, union leader or school board member. They are my first call with an issue and I always get an immediate response.  With over 5,000 employees, I count on their knowledge and guidance to establish and maintain the highest quality workforce to serve students.   ISFIS has been a supportive, collaborative partner in this effort."  - Dr. Anne Sullivan, Chief Human Resources Officer, Des Moines Public Schools

What's Their Background is an online pre-employment screening service company with results driven by 3rd Degree Screening, Inc. and Departments of Human Services.

3rd Degree Screening, Inc. is a nationwide provider of background checks and employment screening services and solutions. The information they provide assists businesses and organizations mitigate exposure to workplace violence, criminal activity, fraud, and negligent-hiring lawsuits. 

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