ISFIS is pleased to announce a new program to provide natural gas to your school.  We diligently researched market conditions, services available from existing vendors, and certified vendors.  To help launch the Education Energy Group, ISFIS partnered with WoodRiver Energy, an Iowa Certified Natural Gas Provider, based in Denver, CO.  The WoodRiver team has decades of experience working with school energy pools, and we found them to have the widest array of options for you to consider.

Advisory Group Approach

The Education Energy Group is bringing back a tried and true approach to making decisions on when to buy natural gas, and how much to buy.  We're relying on an Advisory Group to guide these decisions to reflect the unique risk/reward profile of Iowa public schools.  The group will also help refine specific services that schools may find useful, such as a plan to fix your winter heating costs, regardless of the price of gas or how much gas you require next winter.  If you have an interest in serving on the group, please contact Jon Muller.

Weekly Update

On a weekly basis we will provide a brife market commentary, NYMEX for the day and a trend and the NOAA 3 month forecast. For the most recent weekly update, click here.

Budget Billing Options that Work

We are committed to providing updated budget information in a timely fashion, rather than in the middle of summer after you’ve completed the budgeting process. We understand that the delay in information has the effect of magnifying the impact of price volatility on your spending while giving you less time to react to changes.  We also have programs that dramatically help to mitigate those problems.

Free Usage and Contract Analysis

Maybe you're currently transporting natural gas, and it makes more sense to be on Utility service.  Perhaps you're buying from the Utility, and your school is big enough to transport through a pool.  Or your building might even be big enough to operate on its own outside a pool.  Taking into account these and other factors, we would be happy to provide an analysis.  In most cases, it's as simple as providing your account and meter numbers.  Typically, we can download all the data we need from your utility company.  We'll also gladly review your current service contract, if you have a provider currently, and let you know your options with respect to upcoming winters.  Contact Marissa Gaal for more information.